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Authentic Leadership

by Admin October 25, 2008

The leadership challenges we’re facing today in our social, political and economic world are not so much about competency, as they are about integrity and character. This causes skepticism and distrust amongst many of us.

We focus a lot of attention and waste a lot of media coverage on political, social and religious celebrity-like leaders. There is something in the human psyche that longs for a hero, a savior of some sort.
In today’s business environment, CEO celebrities make great news stories. But what happens when you can no longer trust the direction that person on a white horse is taking you?
The economic crisis is a direct consequence of the lack of authentic leadership. True leadership was never intended to be a popularity contest. Leadership is not about greed, self interest and righteousness.
Creating revenue and profits, increasing market share, saving costs are obviously important, but does this define the essence of leadership?
True leadership is about providing an environment and the opportunity for other people to find the truth about themselves and to express their innate talents and strengths. It is the authentic self expression that creates real value.
Leadership is coming from a place that is true to yourself, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging the opinions of others, appreciating others and nourishing the relationships between people.
We are all leaders of our own destiny. Leadership from within requires courage! When we lack the courage to be true to our self, we become followers and tend to conform to the expectations of others. We settle for second best or mediocrity and we choose the security of our comfort zone. Hence we cheat ourselves (and everyone else) from what could be possible.

1. Know yourself authentically

Practice being what you wish others to become.

2. Listen authentically

What you hear depends on what you listen for. To listen authentically is to break through the perceptions you hold, the personal opinions and judgments. Seek to understand before being understood.
3. Express yourself authentically

Do you say what others want to hear, or do you speak your mind?
To express yourself authentically means that there is harmony between who you are, what you say and what you do. This is all about integrity. Integrity is the foundation of building trust. When a person has a high level of integrity, there is no second guessing as to what his or her true motives are. 
To express yourself authentically is about sharing your real thoughts and feelings in a manner that opens up new possibilities, for yourself and the people around you.
You can choose to be a follower or you can take full responsibility for the direction of your own life.
Choosing your own life is a freedom and tremendous privilege.  

”Perhaps change within business,
starts with you,
whoever you are and
wherever you work.
With your thoughts,
your words and
your actions.
Perhaps we all have the
responsibility to be
FOR something better?”

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