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Relaxation Techniques to Deal with Stress

by Dieter Pauwels November 20, 2008

Relaxation techniques were designed to relieve stress, anxiety and can even help with some medical conditions. There are a number of ways or techniques that can be used to relieve stress, and all of them work differently for different people. If one of the following techniques doesn’t work for you, the next one on the list may. Feel free to experiment with the relaxation techniques listed, in order to find the one that works best for you.

Yoga: Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years, and has helped millions of people cope with stress. You can either take a class or learn Yoga techniques from books or the Internet. Stretching, breathing and focusing techniques are the basis of Yoga, all of which are beneficial to someone undergoing stress.

Meditation: Meditation is basically a form of thinking, or a way of focusing and sharpening the mind on one thing. It promotes relaxation, and many people use it on a daily basis to relieve stress and anxiety.

Soothing Music: Soothing music can be used to relax the mind and body. The old adage that, “music soothes the savage beast,” isn’t far from the truth. Try a CD of nature sounds, or perhaps some soothing classical music is the best choice. It all depends on your own musical tastes.

Deep Breathing Techniques: Stress often causes us to breathe shallowly and this almost always increased stress. Mentally scan your body for physical tension. Does your chest feel tight? If so, you may be holding your breath without even knowing it. Shallow breathing puts less oxygen in the blood stream, producing an increase in muscle tension. When you experience headaches or feel anxious and uptight, try this:

  • Choose a comfortable place to sit, preferably away from other people. Sit up straight and keep your feet flat on the floor. Imagine and feel your feet being rooted and connected to the earth.
  • Place your hand on your chest at your middle Dan Tian, one of your body's three reservoirs of energy, located between the middle of the chest; also between the eyes and below the navel to nourish the energy of the heart which "houses the mind." Place your other hand on your belly just below your navel, at your lower Dan Tian, to nourish the energy of the kidneys.
  • Begin taking slow, deep belly breaths. Concentrate on your body expanding and contracting. Visualize your energy sinking lower and lower into your body. Continue this breathing exercise for one to three minutes. Breathing into the lower Dan Tian helps release fear and anxiety. In doing so, you create more stability and become more centered and secure within yourself and your body.

A Massage: Who wouldn’t love a nice back massage? Treat yourself every now and then to a well deserved massage. It will help you relax tensed muscles, and relieve stress.

A Hot Bath: Curling up with a book in a nice hot tub is a terrific way to end the day. You can also add some candles in order to enhance the relaxing atmosphere, while the hot water relaxes your muscles and washes your cares away.

Try these relaxing techniques to help you cope with your stress. They’re relatively cheap, and the benefits can be enormous.

Stress Management: 5 Tips To Release Stress In Your Life

by Dieter Pauwels November 13, 2008

Stress affects us all in varying degrees. Whether your job is demanding, or you’re a single mother struggling to make ends meet, stress can add to the burden you already bear. Learning to manage stress is crucial if you want to live life to the fullest and maintain a healthy balance. Below you will find a few tips and techniques that will help you manage stress, and overcome your burdens.

  1. Environmental Control
You are in control of your environment. Many people forget this fact, and unwittingly do things out of habit that cause them stress. For example, if the evening news stresses you out, watch a light sitcom instead. If you fight traffic every morning trying to get to work, then either take a bus, and let someone else fight the traffic for you, or find a route less traveled. Controlling your environment, and finding ways to lighten the stress factors in your life is tremendously important.
  1. Learn to Express Your Feelings in a Respectful Manner
Bottling up your feelings is not a good way of managing stress. In most cases, this leads to resentment, frustration and pent up anger. If something or someone is bothering you, learn to express your feelings in an open, yet respectful manner.
  1. Make Time for You
It’s important that you set time aside for yourself, even if it’s only for one hour a day. Take a relaxing bubble bath or read a book before bed. However you manage it, having a little ‘me’ time is a great stress reliever.
  1. Laughter is Good for You
Learn to laugh at situations that may cause you stress. Even laughing at yourself can relieve stress, and humor works wonders for relieving tension. Don’t discount the power of a good belly laugh.
  1. Self-Medication is Not a Good Idea
Never self-medicate yourself. Sure, that 6-pack of beer may temporarily help you to forget your problems, but in the end, the problem is still there. Instead, meet your problems head-on and find a solution.
Use the above tips and strategies to relieve the stress in your life. Don’t allow stress to bring you down, or ruin your life.
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