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How to Cope With Stress at Work.

by Dieter Pauwels November 12, 2008

Workplace stress or job stress is a very real problem in workplaces around the world. When the demands of the job surpass what you can safely and mentally handle, it can cause headaches, loss of sleep, irritability, stomach upset and make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Not only does it have an adverse effect on you, but also on your company. Stress costs companies around the globe millions of dollars per year. Imagine how much more productive you would be if could cope with stress more effectively? Less sick days and no pounding headaches would invariably lead to more production.

So what can you do to reduce stress at work?
There are a myriad of ways we can better manage stress in the workplace. Like many things, a large portion of the problem is how we deal and think about our surroundings. If you’d like to manage stress more effectively at work, consider these 5 helpful stress reducing tips.
1.    Think positively whenever possible. Avoid coworkers who constantly complain about their jobs, and try to gravitate to positive thinkers. If you do something well, praise yourself, even if no one else notices.
2.    If stress is bogging you down, you can always take some vacation time. Use that time to relax. If you’re at the workplace, and taking a vacation is out of the question, try taking a walk, listening to your Ipod or relaxing for a few minutes outside with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes to yourself to clear your head.
3.    Do your best in the workplace, but avoid being a perfectionist. Nothing you do will ever be perfect, and by expecting perfection, you put undue stress on yourself.
4.    Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam, and talking is the best way to do that. Seek out someone you trust, and talk to or get the help from a professional life coach.
5.    Humour really is the best medicine. If you’re feeling stressed out about a certain situation, try finding something funny about it. You can also think about something that’s happened recently that’s funny, or share a joke with a co-worker.
While the emotional and mental symptoms of stress may seem benign at first, it can lead to serious health problems if it’s not dealt with properly. Remember, you’re in charge. A Positive attitude is the first step towards relieving your workplace stress.

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