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Life Coaching Over the Phone: What are the benefits of connecting over the phone with a life coach?

by Dieter Pauwels November 17, 2008

Life Coaching.

As a personal life coach, people often ask me if there are any benefits of working with me over the phone.

Actually, there are many advantages or benefits of coaching over the phone instead of an in office face-to-face coaching session. While I offer my coaching clients the option of both, let's consider some of the benefits telephone coaching has to offer. 

Telephone coaching will get you the support and feedback you need for creating meaningful changes in your life and achieving the results you want, while still being able to connect on a very personal level with your life or business coach.

Personal life coaching over the phone enhances your level of focus as there are fewer distractions during the coaching conversation.

Talking with your life coach over the phone establishes an emotional comfort zone allowing you to connect more easily and communicate without feeling pressured to make eye contact or communicate non-verbally.

Over the phone coaching is more cost effective. Not only will you pay lower coaching fees than when you would meet with me face to face, you also do not have to pay for any travel expenses.

Telephone coaching is extremely time effective. You will not waste any of your valuable time traveling back and forth to our coaching meetings. You won’t get stuck in traffic, no need to battle the weather or look for a parking spot.

Over the phone coaching allows more flexibility in scheduling our coaching sessions. You can enjoy coaching in the surroundings of your choice. You can choose  a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during our private coaching sessions. You will be able to connect with me from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, wherever you feel most comfortable.

Working over the phone also enables me to work with clients who would not otherwise be able to benefit from my coaching services. Most of my coaching clients are located in the US, Canada and Europe.

Our telephone-based life coach and career coaching services are provided but not limited to the following metropolitan areas: St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Denver, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

To find out whether working with a life coach over the phone will work for you, go ahead and schedule your free life coaching introduction session today at

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