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Is Your Thermostat Set Too Low?

by Admin January 4, 2012

In his book “The Big Leap”, author Garry Hendricks writes that each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.


Does this sound familiar?

As a personal life strategy coach I have found that what influences your inner thermostat setting
the most are the beliefs you hold about yourself. Some of these beliefs are limiting - even erroneous -  and hold you back from enjoying all the love, financial abundance, and creativity that’s rightfully yours.


But unless you make a concerted effort and commitment to change your inner thermostat setting will remain the same, your past story will continue into the present and beyond.


But what if you could make the desired changes you seek in your personal life or career, would you? What if you would choose, decide, take action and realize your goals? What would the payoff be if you really made this happen? How valuable would that be?

What would that be worth to you? How would that change your life's situation?


Of course this possibility would be tremendously valuable  - not only in terms of financial gain, but in terms of happiness, emotional health, personal growth, and personal success.


Stop sabotaging yourself and unlock your true potential. Schedule a complimentary coaching strategy session today and learn more about how life coaching may benefit your current life or career situation.


Clarity is Power

by Admin November 8, 2009

visualization - life coach techniqueSuppose you went to a store and bought a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle,but it didn't have a picture on the box of what the end result should look like. Would you have a much harder time putting the puzzle together than if you had a clear picture of the end result? Absolutely! You may eventually figure it out but it will take much longer than if you had a clear picture of what the end result will look like.

The same holds true for the goals, dreams and aspirations we have. In life we move towards the images we hold in our minds. When your goal is 'in-sight', things will change dramatically. If you have ever participated in a race, you know the feeling you get when the finish line is in sight. Your pace quickens, you feel the adrenaline flowing through every cell of your body, your mind is focused and you are drawn to the finish line by a force that is nearly unstoppable.

The more precisely you can visualize your goals in life, the things you would like to change, the things you would like to attract, the things you truly desire, the more clearly you will understand how to achieve them. When the goal is in sight, so is the path which will get you there. Clarity is power!

What are the pictures you hold in your mind ? Can you see all the beautiful details? Are those pictures filled with vibrant, bright colors? Are they filled with hope, wonder, love and passion? Can you already experience the excitement, the satisfaction and the feeling of fulfillment?

Picture yourself being the best you can possible be. Hold that image in your mind, day by day, moment by moment, and you will find a way to live the life that will make it real!

"Peak performers develop powerful mental images of the behavior that will lead to the desired results.They see in their mind's eye the result they want, and the actions leading to it." (Charles A. Garfield)

About your life coach:
Dieter Pauwels is professional personal coach and career consultant. His life coaching programs empower personal development to navigate change and create new possibilities in your personal life and career.

Awaken The Leader Within You

by Dieter Pauwels June 29, 2009

Leadership Life CoachingIn 1937, during the Great Depression, Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” – one of the best books ever written on the subject of personal development and success. Napoleon Hill has inspired millions of people and has been a major influence in the work of today’s biggest motivational speakers and coaches, including Steven Covey and Anthony Robbins.

In his book, Napoleon Hill discusses eleven traits of successful leaders. Not only are these leadership characteristics essential in any professional leadership role, more importantly, they can serve you as great points of reference in your personal life. You are the leader of your own life. You shape your destiny based on the choices and decisions you make each and every day.

Keep this list in mind as you navigate through your own life’s journey. These cornerstone qualities will heighten your awareness and encourage you to assume full responsibility for your life and become the leader you were meant to be.

Life Coaching Questions:

As you read through the list below, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which leadership qualities am I consciously expressing in my daily life?
  • What personal qualities are not in alignment with my current lifestyle?
  • What leadership traits are currently not being expressed in my life? What is preventing me from integrating them into my life? How can I become a better steward of my own life?
  • What am I committed to? What choices will I make?

Here are the eleven leadership traits as discussed by Napoleon Hill.

1. Unwavering courage

2. Self control

3. A keen sense of justice

4. Definiteness of decision

5. Definiteness of plans

6. Doing more than one is paid for

7. A pleasing personality

8. Sympathy and understanding

9. Mastery of detail

10. Willingness to assume full responsibility

11. Cooperation


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Your Creative Self

by Admin September 29, 2008

Your life is a continuous process of creating, becoming, choosing, and changing.

Creativity is not just a term to describe writers, artists or musicians. Each and every one of us has been given this innate ability to create and re-create ourselves, not just initially, but as a continuous process throughout life.

This self organizing and creative ability is what gives us enormous freedom of self expression. This freedom allows you to choose any form or shape, and create meaning out of endless possibilities.

Over time, you have used this innate creative freedom of choice to develop habits, create beliefs, behaviors and routines, which shape your unique identity and way of being. The person you are today is an expression of who you decided to become.

The image you hold about yourself becomes your identity. It is shaped by your past experiences, values, beliefs, capabilities, and your sense of purpose. It is from this unique point of (self) reference that you see and interpret the world around you.

Most people live their lives consistent with their self image, and will do anything to live and validate their lives within the self-imposed boundaries they have created.

You cannot change any behavior, habit or belief that is holding you back without changing the image you hold about yourself. Every positive act of change in your life is always fostered by a change in self-perception. So unless you're committed to deal with all the stuff inside of you that is running your life, nothing you say or do will create long lasting results.  

What is standing between you and your goals, dreams and aspirations are not circumstances, opportunities or luck, but the assumptions you have made about yourself.

Think for a moment about an assumption you hold about your self that is preventing you from getting what you really want, and ask yourself: "Who would I be without that thought?"

It is in the answer to this fundamental question that you will start to discover that you might be more of who you are by becoming something different!

Have a great week.

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