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Ten Life Coaching Questions To Ask Yourself Into the New Year (6/10)

by Dieter Pauwels December 27, 2008

Question # 6: "Where Do I Focus My Attention?"

Your life becomes what you focus on. Your thought patterns create the texture of your everyday life.
You are always focusing on something. The experiences you create in this very moment, and the next, are based on where your focus lies.

What you see depends on what you look for. What you hear depends on what you listen for and what you feel depends on the experiences you seek. Your expectations, based on what you focus on, blossom into self-fulfilling prophecies.

The results you create are a result of your focus. If you're not getting the results you are looking for, it is time to re-examine what you focus on. If you keep focusing on the same things and keep doing what you’ve always done, sure enough, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Your mind cannot tell the difference between something you think about or focus on that you do want, and the stuff you think about that you don’t want. Your mind is a very effective goal seeking mechanism and seeks to create precisely what you focus on. The key is to direct your focus on the goals and experiences that you do want in your life.

Think of your focus as a sticky boomerang. What you focus on comes back to you, with more strength that it has gathered along the way. If you send out anger, fear, negativity or jealousy, you will invite the same thoughts manifold.

What you focus on expands.

Focus on what is going well in your life right now and what is good for you moving forward. Focus on your innate talents and capabilities. Focus on what you believe is possible and you will see opportunities rather than constraints.

Question # 10: "How am I spending my time?"
Question # 9: "What Would I Do If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail?"
Question # 8: "Who Am I becoming?"
Question # 7: "What Am I Tolerating?"

The ROI of Passion.

by Admin September 19, 2008

Is there a business case for cultivating and nourishing passion in your organization? Could passion really be a competitive advantage? Can passion make a difference in terms of accomplishing your business goals and objectives?

You'd better believe it!

Passion is such an important ingredient in any recipe for success, but it is often overlooked when it comes to business success. Perhaps because passion is one of those words that sound a little out of place in the work environment.

I'm convinced that passion is often the difference that makes the difference. It is often the difference between a good company and a great company.


Consider the following benefits.

Passion intensifies focus.

In a complex world where we're moving ahead at ".com"speed and in which we get bombarded with information, it's easy to get distracted. Passion gives people the courage to say "no" to distractions by staying focused on the bigger "yes." Passion is the magnetic force that pulls people together for a common vision or cause.

Passion unleashes creativity.

Innovation and creativity are key factors in adding value to the customers you serve. Approaching your business with a new perspective requires you to be fully awake, fully alive and fully present. Passion is what activates your mind, expands your awareness and challenges you to think outside the conventional box.

Passionate people raise the standards of performance.

Passionate people keep themselves and others accountable and tolerate nothing less than a 100% commitment. This commitment to a higher standard becomes contagious and spreads throughout the system, and eventually becomes part of a company culture. People with passion create an electric, exciting work environment that inspires and energizes others. They consciously contribute to building the kind of culture that attracts world-class people. A culture people want to belong to.

Passion conquers fear.

When your passion is greater than your fear, you develop the courage to step outside your comfort zone, risk more, fail faster and learn like crazy.  

Perhaps the most exciting benefit that comes from cultivating passion in your organization is the contagious enthisiasm it generates. Something so alive in them awakens something that needs to be alive in us.

Passionate people inspire hope and that's one of the reasons they're so much fun to be around.

How passionate are you?? ...

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